Oct 12, 2018 | Latest News

Forming method of fused glass utensils

The powder and clinker matched by glass composition are melted in crucible kiln or tank kiln (see glass melting kiln). After melting, the glass liquid is clarified to be uniform, bubble-free, stone-free and stripeless, and then cooled to the viscosity range suitable for the corresponding molding method.

Oct 6, 2018 | Latest News

Sound insulation effect of sound insulation laminated glass

Speaking of laminated glass sound insulation, a common misconception is that the thicker the thickness, the better the insulation. It's half right! For monolithic glass, the thicker the thickness is, the better the sound insulation will be. 8mm thick sound insulation is better than 5mm. According to the current market survey, most aluminum doors and windows practitioners believe that a single piece of 5mm glass has no sound insulation effect (even with a good window frame), or to 8mm to be effective.

Sep 26, 2018 | Latest News

Main types of Laminated Glass

‚ÄčAccording to the melting point of the intermediate film, it can be divided into low temperature laminated glass, high temperature laminated glass and hollow glass

Sep 18, 2018 | Latest News

Explosion proof glass countertop introduction

Explosion-proof glass is a kind of glass that can prevent violent impact. It is a special glass made by machine with special additives and interlayer. Even if the glass is broken, it will not fall off easily, because the intermediate material (PVB film) or the other side of the glass has been fully bonded. Therefore, explosion-proof glass can greatly reduce the damage to personnel and valuables when encountering violent impacts.

Sep 13, 2018 | Latest News

Detailed introduction of folding glass countertop

Folding glass countertop table surface is a fire-proof board layer or molding board, surrounded by plastic strips or aluminum alloy strips from the edge, must not be water directly poured on the table or wiped with a water cloth directly, so it is very easy to cause desktop edge inflow swelling damage, maintenance, the first use of a semi-dry wipe cloth with detergent Clean up the oil stains on the desktop, then wipe them with a dry rag. In order to prolong the service life of the desktop, please pat the automobile wax on the desktop once every 1-3 months (car decoration shop is available). This is not only beautiful, but also can avoid water, and can extend the life of the desktop.

Sep 8, 2018 | Latest News

Crystal glass handicraft processing flow

Crystal glass handicraft products in addition to the general need for the production process, different products also need to use different processes.

Sep 5, 2018 | Latest News

Construction method of glass brick partition wall

According to the area and shape of the masonry glass brick partition, the number and order of glass tiles are calculated. Two the spacing between glass blocks and brickwork slots is 5 - 10mm. The base angle is usually 40 mm or 70 mm thick, which is slightly less than the thickness of the glass brick. The side walls of the building walls that are joined to the glass tiles are leveled and leveled. If glass brick is built in wooden or metal frame, the frame should be fixed first. Make waterproof layer and protective layer, leveling with plain concrete or mattress and controlling the elevation. Play the wall line around the glass brick wall, drop the bottom brick line under the wall, and set up the leather rod according to the elevation. The space between the leather rods should be 15-20m.

Sep 4, 2018 | Latest News

Production of ice peak and moth pattern fused glass

Laminated glass is a kind of decorative fused glass formed by many wavy glass strips heated by a hot melting furnace and naturally bonded together. Ice peak and moire shape glass are basically the same, but ice peaks are like peaks. The wave height of laminated glass is generally about 2.6 cm (in this case, 5mm glass, the thicker glass is appropriately enlarged). The lower part is as flat as the stripe. The distance between the height and the height depends on the size of the whole laminated pattern. The length of the wave is longer. Flat side is generally about 1.3 cm, discharge glass should be placed on both sides of one or two more flat strips, the middle of one or two flat strips and one or two waves at intervals. Before putting the glass, the bottom of the furnace should be leveled, and a warm paper or plain paper should be laid on it. Pay attention to squeeze the glass as far as possible, in order to prevent the burning is not strong, around or on both sides with the mold bar to block, in order to prevent the bar falling down and the size of the burnt.