Crystal glass handicraft processing flow

Crystal glass handicraft processing flow


  • Sep 8, 2018


Crystal handicraft products in addition to the general need for the production process, different products also need to use different processes.

(1) Production process: cutting, embryo pressing, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

2. Classification of crystal products: four facets, facets, facets plus planes and hand engraving.

3. Description of processing technology:

1, the cutting material: the material and the size of the whole material should be sawed at high speed by the large saw blade.

2. Embryo-pressing: The dimension and shape of the finished product are made by mold, and then the raw material is melted to 900 degrees Celsius, then it flows into the mold and is made by die-casting.

3, rough polishing: the mold is pressed out of the molds, and the diamonds are directly grinded out of the finished product.

4. Finely polished: after rough polishing, polish the finished product with the polishing powder until it is crystal clear.

5, punch: before the finished product is finished, according to the size and location of the punch required.

Crystal cleaning and maintenance:

1, do not bump hard objects or friction movement.

2, smooth surface, not directly placed on the desktop, preferably with gaskets.

3, avoid contact with sulphur and alcohol.

4. After mixing with water, put the crystal in it lightly, wash it with soft cloth, rinse it with clean water, wipe it clean with soft towel when it is half dry, leaving no water marks and fingerprints.

Note: do not wait until the water is dry, then rub it, because the water will leave behind the water mark, must be half dry to wipe.