Detailed introduction of folding glass countertop

Detailed introduction of folding glass countertop


  • Sep 13, 2018


Folding glass countertop table surface is a fire-proof board layer or molding board, surrounded by plastic strips or aluminum alloy strips from the edge, must not be water directly poured on the table or wiped with a water cloth directly, so it is very easy to cause desktop edge inflow swelling damage, maintenance, the first use of a semi-dry wipe cloth with detergent Clean up the oil stains on the desktop, then wipe them with a dry rag. In order to prolong the service life of the desktop, please pat the automobile wax on the desktop once every 1-3 months (car decoration shop is available). This is not only beautiful, but also can avoid water, and can extend the life of the desktop.

The folding glass countertop made of glass is crystal clear, the living glass countertop is small and lovely, is the first choice of the modern young generation; folding glass countertop is fragile, easy to cause harm to people, but now many manufacturers use toughened glass to make, you can The folding glass countertop is fearful of high temperature and easy to burst. In order to avoid harm to people, it is recommended to use heat insulation mat at meals.

Folding glass countertop is more flat and smooth than other folding tables. Therefore, it is more convenient and quicker to clean.