Construction method of glass brick partition wall

Construction method of glass brick partition wall


  • Sep 5, 2018


According to the area and shape of the masonry glass brick partition, the number and order of glass tiles are calculated. Two the spacing between glass blocks and brickwork slots is 5 - 10mm. The base angle is usually 40 mm or 70 mm thick, which is slightly less than the thickness of the glass brick. The side walls of the building walls that are joined to the glass tiles are leveled and leveled. If glass brick is built in wooden or metal frame, the frame should be fixed first. Make waterproof layer and protective layer, leveling with plain concrete or mattress and controlling the elevation. Play the wall line around the glass brick wall, drop the bottom brick line under the wall, and set up the leather rod according to the elevation. The space between the leather rods should be 15-20m.

The glass brick masonry is constructed by cross slit brick. According to the good position line, we must first check whether the length of glass brick wall accords with the number of bricks. If not, the thickness of the channel steel or wooden frame on both sides of the partition wall and the thickness of the brick gap can be adjusted, but the width of the adjustment on both sides of the partition wall should be kept consistent, and the width of the adjustment of the channel steel on the upper part of the partition wall should also be kept consistent as far as possible. Glass bricks should be selected with neat edges and corners, the same specifications, basically the same diagonal lines of bricks, no cracks and knocks on the surface of the brick.

The first layer of masonry should be double sided. If the glass brick partition wall is longer, it should be set up in the middle of several more branch points, each layer of glass brick masonry should be hanging flat. Glass brick is made of white cement: fine sand 1:1 cement slurry, or white cement: 107 glue = 100:7 cement slurry (weight ratio). White cement must have a certain consistency so as not to flow. According to the way of upper and lower joints, bottom-up masonry. In order to ensure the smoothness and convenience of glass brick wall, each layer of glass brick before masonry, should be placed on the glass brick pad block. There are two kinds of length: when the thickness of glass brick is 50 mm, the length of wood pad is about 35 mm, when the thickness of glass brick is 80 mm, the length of wood pad is about 60 mm.

During masonry, the upper glass brick is pressed down on the lower glass brick, and the middle groove of the glass brick is clamped on the wooden cushion block. The distance between the two glass brick layers is 5-8 mm. The load-bearing steel bar in the crack is less than 650 mm apart, and is inserted into the vertical and horizontal joints, and is firmly connected with the frame and structure of the glass brick. After each layer is finished, wipe the cement slurry on the brick surface with wet cloth. Immediately after the glass bricks are built, surface pointing. First check the horizontal seam and then open the seam. The depth of the seam should be consistent.