More and more people are using glass bricks in decoration


  • Apr 22, 2019


Glass brick is a very good building material. It can be seen everywhere in modern family buildings, office buildings and public places. Many people choose to use glass bricks because of their beautiful appearance.

Glass bricks are made of transparent or colored glass into bulk or hollow glass products. Some glass tiles have glaze polishing on their surfaces. Hollow glass bricks and decorative glass bricks are popular and commonly used in the market. General glass bricks are suitable for decorating high-grade places and houses. It is instant in creating a lofty atmosphere. According to the characteristics of glass itself, it is also widely used in waterproofing and lighting.

The Benefits of Glass Bricks

1. Glass bricks with high transmittance and selective perspective have high transmittance which can not be compared with ordinary decorative materials. The walls made of glass bricks have high daylighting. Glass bricks also make the whole room full of soft light through diffuse scattering, which solves the discomfort caused by direct sunlight. Sunlight can reach twice or even three times through glass brick walls, which greatly improves the level of indoor light environment. Glass brick can diffuse light, so that the indoor atmosphere is stable and soft.

2. Energy-saving and environment-friendly glass bricks belong to sodium calcium silicate glass system. They are transparent materials melted from silicate inorganic mineral materials such as quartz sand (sio2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone and so on at high temperature. They are green environmental protection products. It does not contain harmful substances such as alcohols, benzene, ethers, radon, gamma rays and other radioactive substances in ceramics and stones. It is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, odorless, non-irritating and does not constitute any harm to human body. In addition, glass brick will not produce light pollution, and can reduce the light pollution caused by other substances, can adjust the layout of indoor light.

3. The use of flexible glass bricks is flexible and versatile. The combination of glass bricks of different specifications can present different space aesthetics. For example, when glass bricks are used in bathroom, it not only solves the problem of moisture-proof, but also has hazy implicit beauty. When glass bricks are used for partition, there will be continuous space beauty for partition. The balcony is built with glass brick facade, so it is safe to prevent rust and corrosion.

4. Single-layer glass brick structure can meet the requirements of sound insulation grade 5. Double glass brick walls with spacing less than 50 mm can meet the requirements of sound insulation grade 6. Therefore, glass brick structure is an ideal way to solve the higher requirements of sound insulation.

5. Thermal resistance R=0.17m2*K/W and thermal conductivity K=3.1W/(m2*K) of single-layer glass brick wall. In summer and sunshine areas, the use of glass bricks can achieve the dual effects of lighting and heat insulation.

More and more people begin to use glass bricks in decoration. The high-looking and frightening people are applauded by their masters.

6. Fire-proof glass brick has good fire-proof performance. According to Japanese regulations, single-layer walls are recognized to have the same performance as B type fire doors, and double-layer walls are recognized to have one hour of fire resistance.

7. Dust-proof, moisture-proof and dew-proof glass bricks are superior to ordinary double-layer glass in dust-proof, moisture-proof and dew-proof. Glass bricks also play an excellent role in preventing atomization. Because of the heat insulation performance, energy saving, and because of non-atomization and create a refreshing atmosphere.

8. High compressive strength, strong impact resistance and high safety. The minimum compressive strength of single glass brick is 6.0MN/m2, which is superior to ordinary red brick and similar to that of hollow brick. The impact resistance of glass brick is better than that of tempered glass. Therefore, glass bricks also have high security against theft.

9. Cheap glass bricks have many advantages. The structure of glass bricks is about 300 yuan according to the current price level, which is not expensive compared with other decorative materials.