Art glass is glass as an art carrier


  • Apr 25, 2019


Art glass is glass as an art carrier. Glass is a kind of material. It can produce various shapes and colours. It can also be processed and etched by cutting, grinding, polishing, kiln casting, firing and other machines, so that it meets people's aesthetic needs and is full of functions and artistry. Glass art is a general term for all kinds of decorative, artistic and functional glass products. Any glass product may possess these three attributes at the same time, or may possess two or one of them. Decoration refers to some glass products with flat glass as body and deep processing, such as doors and windows with patterns, partitions, smallpox and so on, which have decorative, artistic and functional features at the same time; Art refers to glass products themselves do not have the use function, pure art appreciation works, such as people cast with glass, ornaments, etc., which are only used to appreciate; Functionality refers to glass products. It has basic functions, such as decoration, modeling, coloring and so on, such as high-grade glass bottles, perfume bottles, wine cups, etc.