Sound insulation effect of sound insulation laminated glass


  • Oct 6, 2018


Speaking of laminated glass sound insulation, a common misconception is that the thicker the thickness, the better the insulation. It's half right! For monolithic glass, the thicker the thickness is, the better the sound insulation will be. 8mm thick sound insulation is better than 5mm. According to the current market survey, most aluminum doors and windows practitioners believe that a single piece of 5mm glass has no sound insulation effect (even with a good window frame), or to 8mm to be effective.

But when buying laminated glass, Fisbauer believes that the thickness of the "same" laminated glass with a combination of sound insulation effect is not as different as the thickness of laminated glass. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of 4+5 will be better than that of 5+5.

The same laminated glass, the medium will also affect the sound insulation effect. Different density media can enhance the sound insulation effect. Compared with sandwich glass, insulating glass has better sound insulation. Why can't air layer noise be added? This is because ordinary audio noise through the air layer will produce resonance resonance, resulting in greatly reduced sound insulation.

Therefore, laminated glass sound insulation is correct to say "different thickness, different media", sound insulation effect will be better.

After the glass is partly resolved, it also depends on the tightness of the window frame. If there is no problem with the sound insulation of the glass, the gap of the window frame will be too large.