Choose glass glue for Bathroom Glass Vessel Sinks


  • Apr 27, 2019


Because the kitchen decoration at home, most of the use of ordinary glass glue, and glass glue blackening moldy because the edge of the sink is wet, too much water, so bacteria breeding, into the crevice, microorganisms grow in its crevice, a long time, these places will be mildewed, so the glass glue will become more black, if not cleaned in time, it may also lead to glass glue. Decay, even water flows down it, dampening the cabinet.

Ceramic glue has good stickiness, hard and smooth surface, and it has good waterproof performance. It is often used in toilets and other places where there is much water. It is not easy to blacken and mildew. If it is used in kitchen sinks, it is better to construct quickly because it dries quickly.

Because the anti-mildew agent is added in the anti-mildew glue, it has more waterproof and anti-mildew effect than ordinary glass glue, but the price will be slightly more expensive, but not once and for all, it also needs to keep the dryness around the sink.