Aug 10, 2018 | Latest News

Laminated Glass shopping highlights

Since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the construction Laminated Glass manufacturing enterprises in China have passed the product certification. The enterprises must screen or paste the 3C mark on the product body for sale, or add the 3C mark on the smallest package and the attached documents (such as certificate). When choosing a product, first check whether there is a 3C logo, and check whether the product purchased is within the scope of the enterprise's ability to pass the compulsory certification through the network according to enterprise information, factory number or product certification certificate, and whether the certification certificate is valid.

Aug 9, 2018 | Latest News

Crystal glass contertop shopping guide

The high temperature resistance of crystal glass contertop is beyond the reach of other similar products on the market. The maximum safe working temperature is 288 degrees, and it can withstand the temperature difference of 204 degrees Celsius. Artificial stone countertops often burst because of local heating, and even the more expensive quartz and acrylic artificial stones currently on the market can burst or discolor at high temperatures. High breakage rate is often the most annoying thing for people and dealers in the industry. And stainless steel cabinet countertop is under normal temperature with glue to stainless steel bonded to the wood below, a long time of glue aging will emit toxic gases when high temperature, harmful to the invisible, stainless steel will also fall off the board, when used there will be harsh noise.

Aug 8, 2018 | Latest News

How to maintain the glass countertop?

Glass Countertop, since its appearance, it has conquered many consumers with its beauty and practicality. With the wide application of glass, people pay more attention to the material of glass countertop.

Aug 7, 2018 | Latest News

Standard for hollow glass brick industry

The standard of the hollow glass brick industry is drafted by the Dezhou Jinghua group Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., the national building glass Standardization Technical Committee, the Chinese architecture and Industrial Glass Association, the China Building Materials Industry Association standard quality department and the China Building Materials Industry Association Science and education committee review.

Aug 6, 2018 | Latest News

The development history of glass bricks

​The glass brick was invented in 1929 with high temperature resistant glass, with 2.5 billets combined with Corning-Stenben glass bricks and Owens-Illinois glass tiles as a precursor to a patent for St. Helens Brunton brothers Ltd., UK.

Aug 5, 2018 | Latest News

Application and selection of fused glass

There are many kinds of fused glass, which have fused glass bricks, fused glass for doors and windows, large wall embedded glass, partition glass, integrated bathroom glass washbasin, glass art and so on. The range of adaptation is greatly expanded. It can be used to make living room TV and sofa background wall, door and window glass, partition, and porch lights everywhere.

Aug 2, 2018 | Latest News

What and how to choose the decorative glass

Decorating materials are becoming more and more diverse and decorative glass is becoming more and more common. It can not only play a beautiful effect, but also meet some special environmental requirements and privacy needs. Then, how to choose decorative glass.

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