Will glass contertop explode?


  • Aug 19, 2018


First of all, let's take a look at the characteristics of glass contertop.

First, the glass table is crystal clear, home-style glass contertop is small and lovely, is the first choice of many modern young people.

Second, many people worry that glass is fragile, easy to cause harm, is unsafe, but now many manufacturers are made of toughened glass, you can rest assured that use.

Third, glass contertop is more smooth and smooth than other materials. Therefore, when cleaning, it is more convenient and fast. But in cleaning as little water as possible, especially alkaline water, the application of twisted dry wet cloth wipe, and then dry cloth wipe water stains.

From the above three characteristics, glass contertop is still very good. But many people say that glass is the most unsafe, they are afraid of high temperature, easy to burst, it is inevitable that there will be some hotter tableware, not on the table how to do?

In fact, the second feature of this front shows that glass contertop is now made of toughened glass, do not worry about it will be easy to burst at high temperatures.

Because high temperature resistance is a major feature of toughened glass, it can withstand the maximum temperature is about 280 degrees, in other words, as long as you put the object temperature does not exceed this degree will not affect the toughened glass, so the food just out of the pot directly on the table will not cause glass burst.

Tempered glass is also very strong compressive resistance, compared with ordinary glass, the weight it can bear, as long as the object does not exceed 10 kg, there is no problem.

Another advantage of toughened glass is good safety, if the ordinary glass burst, it will crack into large pieces easily hurt people, and toughened glass burst will become a lot of small glass slag, the risk of injury is relatively low.

In summary, glass contertop is still very good, and tempered glass prices are more acceptable, clean up quickly and easily, which saves housewives a lot of unnecessary trouble.