How to partition glass bricks


  • Aug 26, 2018


Glass is made from quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone by mixing, high temperature melting, homogenizing, processing and forming, and then annealing. It is widely used in the fields of architecture, daily use, art, instrument and so on. Glass partition is now used in various occasions, interior decoration often use this means to separate space.

One, How to install glass brick

1:White cement fine sand building glue water according to the proportion of 10:10:0.3:0.3 mix evenly, or with glass special adhesive

2: Correction of holes in bricklaying will be required. The space frame between bricks and bricks will be fixed by the word "" and long pieces of wood used for determining the level (about 5 cm wide, no more than 0.4 cm thick, the same number of rows as the brick wall)

3: glass bricks are built, and after dry, they are injected into the gaps between glass bricks by adding silica gel to increase the structural strength.

4: Since one side of your glass brick is empty, it is recommended that you add a 6 mm galvanized steel bar to each of the three layers of brick in a horizontal shape, one of which is inserted into the wall, and the other is basically the same length as the brick wall to be built.

5: Similarly, between the cracks on the outside of the brick, you add a 6 mm steel bar vertically and punch holes at the top and bottom of the wall.

Two, general glass partition how to construct

1. Process Flow: Positioning and wiring Installation of embedded parts Column fixing Clamping slot installation Installation of glass Anti-collision rail installation Silicone gel sealing Cleaning Protection.

2, operation points:

Lofting drawing: After the glass partition is installed, the lofting drawing should be drawn. The lofting drawing determines the specification size of tenon according to the design drawing, and preliminarily determines the glass processing site and wall elastic line according to the lofting drawing.

Borehole fixing: M8*60 expansion bolt is used to fix, and 12MM bit is used to drill, the hole depth is about 45MM, and then M8*60 expansion bolt is put into the hole.

Installation of groove frame of base course: In the pre-buried stage of construction site, coordinate with construction, supervision, design and other relevant departments to locate and lay out the position of glass partition axis, set the fixed axis datum point and the horizontal point of ground decoration surface, at the same time check the size of each span, and check the pre-buried parts according to the horizontal spacing of the drawings column after confirmation. After checking, the expansion screw is fixed. The base point of the warp axis is introduced into the glass partition axis and marked on the embedded parts to ensure that the glass chute is horizontal and vertical. After checking, the glass chute is fixed on the embedded parts and anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment is done well.