How about the background wall of fused glass?


  • Aug 24, 2018


Fused Glass background wall according to the decoration style to choose a match, not very bright color, with the color around the glass, Fused Glass decoration bar, color can be considered to make a low saturation tone, graphics can be optional, if you want to unify the tone, you can choose the same tone with the room to match. This decorative glass has a strong artistic atmosphere and can enhance the quality of the room.

Fused Glass Background Wall uses contemporary carving techniques and special manufacturing techniques to carve any favorite pattern onto the glass of different materials we see everyday, making each piece of glass a work of art, and then laying the carved glass on the interior wall becomes the art glass background wall. . As a result of individual customization, can be customized according to the actual size of the home decoration, pattern personality selection, background wall installation fused glass, different preferences and styles. Its unique craftsmanship, unique artistic taste, and constantly self-summarizing and innovative ideas are favored by consumers, and will become a trend to replace the traditional background wall in the future.