Basic process of fused glass


  • Aug 25, 2018


1, design - design the desired shape.

2, cut glass - cut glass with a glass cutter.

3, enamel powder and turpentine - mix with enamel powder and turpentine.

4. Test-test the colour of enamel powder and turpentine after mixing, because the difference is very big before and after firing.

5, coloring (techniques) - drawing patterns on glass.

6, simple firing - firing coloured glass.

7. Glass bonding - paste after cutting the glass.

8, firing - according to their desired effect to adjust the temperature and time.

9, polished - grinding glass with a belt conveyor and a mill, and the newly fired glass has extra edges and corners.

10, decoration class - simple firing, suitable for creative decoration works.

11, utensils - plate glass is placed on the mold and sunken.