Kitchen countertops use glass countertops, which are quite beautiful and novel!


  • Apr 15, 2019


Kitchen operating table is usually the most frequently used area, for its material is marble, quartz stone, stainless steel, etc., a variety of, choose a good entanglement. Modern kitchen seems to pay more attention to its decoration, and the use of glass countertop kitchen stove countertop seems to have become a trend.

1. Environmental Protection

Modern life attaches great importance to quality, environmental protection is an important indicator. Glass countertops are made of recyclable organic materials, which are environmentally friendly. This is the biggest advantage of glass countertops compared with stainless steel and wood countertops.

2. Decoration

Glass has transparent, texture, according to their own decoration needs, choose the appropriate glass mesa style, light from this surface to see a beautiful feeling of running clouds and water.

3. Easy to clean

Glass is a non-porous environmental protection material. The use of glass countertops in the kitchen has brought convenience to kitchen cleaning. The grease stains in the kitchen are serious. Glass countertops make cleaning easier. But if I installed such countertops in my home, I would not dare to chop meat, for fear that the countertops would be totally broken with one knife.