Types of Glass Bricks


  • Apr 9, 2019


Glass bricks are also divided into many different types and used in different fields. Although glass bricks are made of glass materials, they can be roughly divided into six kinds according to the different manufacturing processes. They have their own characteristics besides the common characteristics of glass bricks.

Glass tiles: They look a little like amber or just like sandwiches. Two pieces of transparent glass can be used as bread slices. The middle clip can be a variety of materials, whether stone or gold bars, which can be decided by the designer himself. It is a decorative and free decorative material. However, it is not often used in the life of ordinary consumers. It is mainly used in places of entertainment. Glass Brocade Bricks: Speaking of glass brocade bricks, many people may not understand, but in other words, many consumers can understand: glass mosaic or mosaic bricks. This kind of brick has a great advantage, that is, its back is not a smooth layer, but slightly depressed, around a certain angle, this design is conducive to its better combination with the foundation, not easy to fall off. Generally, this kind of brick is mainly used for decoration of floor and wall.

Solid glass bricks: Although called solid glass bricks, it is not actually a compacted solid square glass brick, it is actually a combination of two bricks, the middle of the two bricks usually effective depression. This kind of brick is heavier, so it needs some brackets or wall to decorate, so it can not be used in ordinary families. It is more common in entertainment places such as KTV. Glass floor tiles: Simply speaking, glass floor tiles are actually vitrified bricks, which belong to the category of all-body bricks. This kind of brick is quite common in decoration. Hollow glass bricks: There are solid glass bricks, there are hollow glass bricks. Hollow glass brick is more common than solid glass brick. Its heat insulation and sound insulation effect is very good, and because it is made of glass material, it has good transparency. The design, style and shape of this kind of brick can be designed according to the place where it is not used.

Recyclable glass bricks: As the name implies, this is a kind of recyclable glass bricks, is to achieve environmental protection and waste utilization products. Usually manufactured by hand, the application range is very wide, whether bathroom or staircase, can be used, and very durable, with special advantages in similar products.

Reasonable use of glass bricks can make the visual field have a sense of openness, and make the whole space look more dazzling, will not produce a pressing and depressing mood. However, glass bricks also have their own shortcomings. When choosing glass bricks, we must combine them with the actual use place and choose the appropriate glass bricks.