Can laminated glass used in car windows be replaced by toughened glass?


  • Apr 4, 2019


The answer, of course, is not possible. Why do you say that? In fact, it's very simple, because laminated glass is different from ordinary toughened glass in essence. If you break it, it radiates from one point in the middle to both sides, which in fact has little impact on the driver's sight. But toughened glass is different. After breaking a point, there is a lot of noise around it. As far as the driver's sight is concerned, the glass on the door can be changed from laminated glass to toughened glass, but the front and rear windshield should not be changed into toughened glass.

There is another reason, laminated glass belongs to two layers of glass, sound insulation effect is better than tempered glass, so this appears in high-end brands or luxury brands is not surprising, after all, people's car money is in place, and like our ordinary car model, in fact tempered glass has enough to meet our needs.