Can toughened glass be used on kitchen countertops?


  • Apr 1, 2019


Tempered glass itself is very heat-resistant, according to the theory can be used on kitchen countertops, and the general tempered glass temperature difference also changes greatly, so do not worry about extreme cold and hot changes, the general quality of artificial stone countertops, if not uniformly heated may burst.

But the quality of tempered glass countertops on the market is not uniform. Nowadays, many people use tempered glass countertops to burst. It is also necessary to give us a warning. Even if there is a glue layer inside, it may hurt us in the moment of bursting.

Therefore, if you are not sure about the glass countertops sold outside, it is better to choose more stable quartz, marble or stainless steel countertops. Although they are not as beautiful as glass countertops, they also have their own characteristics.