What equipment is needed for glass bricks processing


  • Mar 1, 2019


Glass cutting machine refers to a kind of processing machinery specially used for glass processing and cutting. Glass cutting machine includes air-floating tables arranged at the beginning and the end, and double-bridge overpass tables. As an improvement, the first and second straight beams at the head of the upper frame length direction and the third straight beams at the head of the lower frame length direction and the fourth straight beams at the head of the lower frame length direction are equipped with glass conveyor mechanisms including rotating axles, several conveyor wheels, motors and belts; the air-floated sheet conveyor table is equipped with power control connected to the motor at the tail end of the length direction of the table surface. The upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than that of the mesa in the system circuit to control the starting and closing of the motor.

Glass edge grinder is one of the earliest and most used mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main function is to flatten the glass and make some special shapes. Proper and rational use of edge grinder can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine. It is divided into single-arm special-shaped edge grinder, straight-line edge grinder and mould edge grinder.

Glass cleaning machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying glass surface before deep processing such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending and hollow glass laminates. Glass cleaning machine is mainly composed of transmission system, cleaning, clean water washing, pure water washing, cold, hot air drying, electric control system and so on. According to the needs of users, large and medium-sized glass cleaners are also equipped with manual (pneumatic) glass turnover trolley and inspection light source system.