What equipment does art glass processing need?


  • Feb 28, 2019


Hollow glass is composed of two or more layers of ordinary flat glass. Two or more pieces of glass are bonded and sealed with sealing strip and glass strip with high strength, high air tightness and sex compound binder around. Drying gas is filled in the middle and desiccant is filled in the frame to ensure the dryness of air between glass sheets. Its characteristic is that it has a certain cavity, and has good thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties. Mainly used for heating, air conditioning, noise reduction facilities of the outer glass decoration. Its optical properties, thermal conductivity and sound insulation coefficient should meet the national standards.

Sandwich glass is a kind of safety glass. It is a flat or curved composite glass product, which is made of two or more flat glasses embedded with transparent plastic sheets and then bonded by hot pressing. Its main characteristics are good safety, when broken, glass fragments do not scatter, can only produce radial cracks, not to hurt people. The impact strength is better than that of ordinary flat glass, and the anti-offense property is good. It also has the special functions of light resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation and so on. It is mostly used for doors and windows adjacent to outdoors. The thickness of laminated glass is generally 6-10 mm, and the specifications are 800 mm x 1000 mm and 850 mm x 1800 mm.

A high-grade glass variety widely used. It is directly inked with special pigments on the glass, or sprayed on the glass to engrave a variety of patterns and color made, can vividly copy the original painting, and film adhesion is strong, can be scrubbed. According to the need of indoor chroma, choosing colored glass can integrate painting, color and lighting. For example, duplicate landscape, landscape, seaside jungle paintings, etc. for the doorway, hall, will cut the vitality and vitality of nature into the room. Painted glass is a kind of decorative glass which is widely used in home decoration. In the process of production, a special glue is used to draw various patterns, then lead oil is used to describe the partition line, and finally special glue pigments are used to colour the patterns. Painted Glass patterns are rich and bright. Proper use of stained glass in the room can create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere and add a romantic and charming modern atmosphere.