Deep Understanding of Glass Counter Factory - Glass Processing Method


  • Feb 27, 2019


Carved glass is a kind of decorative glass with good taste in home decoration. The designs usually have personality "creativity", reflecting the interest and pursuit of the owner of the room. Every glass that has undergone secondary artistic processing can become art glass, ranging from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The first grade should be ground glass, that is, the pattern is ground on white glass with sandblasting gun, with a lower grade. The biggest disadvantage is that the frosted part is easily dirty and can not be cleaned. It is ugly and cheap. Basic elimination.

Sand moulds for glass hot melt moulds are aluminium silicate fibre paper and board. The most commonly used is sand moulds. The pure quartz is laid in the furnace with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. Then, according to the designed drawing, it is painted with bamboo sticks. The details can be depicted with wooden chopsticks. Therefore, a concave pattern is formed on the quartz sand as a negative mould, and then the demoulding powder is sprayed on it. Then the flat glass is laid flat on the negative mould made of quartz sand paper. When the glass is heated above the softening point, that is the reason. The weight sinks into the sand mold to form.