Glass Casting Technology--Wax Loss Casting


  • Feb 25, 2019


Principle of casting technology: melting glass and forming through die. Generally, after the mold has been manufactured, glass melt is injected into the mold or glass debris is stacked in the mold which has been pre-manufactured. The mold is melted in the furnace together with the mold, and annealed after the mold with glass area is anastomosed.

(1) Making prototype with clay

(2) Mould made of silicone rubber and fixed with gypsum

(3) Insert wax liquid into silicone rubber mould to produce wax prototype, which is called wax mould.

(4) Remove wax type after cooling and carry out refinishing

(5) A refractory gypsum embedding wax type

(6) heating and dewaxing to form a prototype-shaped cavity in high-temperature resistant materials

7) Fill the glass block in the mould and heat it in the kiln. The glass block melts and fuses gradually until the cavity is fully filled and then anneals.

(8) Condensation forming