Advantages of Laminated Glass


  • Feb 24, 2019


1.The sound insulation effect of modern living room has become one of the important factors for people to measure the quality of housing.

laminated glass with Saflex PVB intermediate film can block sound waves and maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique ultraviolet filtering function not only protects people's skin health, but also helps valuable furniture and exhibits at home get rid of fading doom. It can also weaken the transmission of sunlight and reduce refrigeration energy consumption.

2.Many advantages of laminated glass, used in home decoration will have unexpected good results.

For example, many family doors, including kitchen doors, are made of laminated glass. Kitchen fumes tend to accumulate on them when cooking. If laminated glass is used instead, there will be no such trouble. Similarly, large glass spacing in the home is a safety hazard for naturally lively children. If laminated glass is used, parents can be greatly relieved. Even if the glass is broken, fragmented and sharp. Small debris still adheres to the mesangium