The Processing Method of Art glass


  • Feb 22, 2019


Art glass is made of float glass. The thickness of the glass depends on the shape and requirement of the product. But the glass must be cleaned and dried again. If there are oil stains and dirt, it will be displayed on the surface of the glass after hot working. The tin surface of the glass must be down to determine which side of the glass is the tin surface. The tin surface detector can be used, and the cutting section can also be observed, which can be judged by experience.

The main equipment of art glass is the hot melting furnace, which uses box electric heating. The infrared electric heating tube is installed on the upper part of the furnace as heating element. The flat glass placed in the furnace is heated mainly by radiation heating. The temperature distribution in the furnace is more uniform in the infrared electric heat pipe than in the resistance wire heating. The temperature system in the furnace is controlled by a digital temperature control box. The furnace is heated and kept according to the specified heating curve, and annealed according to the annealing temperature system. The heat treatment temperature is determined by glass variety, thickness and processing pattern. It must be 785 C above the softening point of glass, 770 C for green float glass and about 2.5 h for holding time.