Glass counter factory thermal equipment-glass melting


  • Feb 21, 2019


Glass melting furnace is the thermal equipment of glass counter factory. It usually uses refractories to form working layer. It uses the heat generated by burning chemical energy, electric energy or other energy to create a controllable high temperature environment (distribution and atmosphere), so that glass batch can pass through the process of energy, mass and momentum transfer in the base to complete physical and chemical changes. After melting, clarifying, homogenizing and cooling, a certain quantity and quality of glass liquid is provided for production.

There are many kinds of classification methods for glass kilns, such as according to the environment, according to the use of energy, according to whether the process is continuous, and according to the flame flow in the kiln, etc. We often say that it can be divided into float glass kiln, flat glass kiln, vertical lead glass kiln, calendering glass kiln, drawing tank kiln and so on.