Neat method for bathroom glass vessel sinks


  • Feb 19, 2019


1. Bathroom glass vessel sinks & glass door & mirror scale water mark treatment

Bathroom glass containers in bathrooms or glass doors or mirrors often have scale marks. Use baby oil to make the bathroom glass doors no longer have scale marks!


2. Bathroom metal products cleaning

The showerhead has been used for a long time, and it is inevitable that it will be blocked by scale. Use water and some vinegar for 15 minutes.


3. The sink is dredged

Using soda powder with warm water and vinegar, using the principle of chemistry, can achieve the effect of dredging.

4. Toilet sink cleaning

Add two cans of vinegar to the toilet tank for 2 hours and then rinse. It can be clean without brushing.


5. Bathroom ceiling cleaning

Use the tweezers + towel, and even the wall seams are fixed once.