Style and characteristics of bathroom glass vessel sinks


  • Feb 16, 2019


bathroom glass vessel sinks: A fashionable sink for your bathroom and budget. This glass tank is easy to install and clean.

Grinded glass flume: This kind of Grinded glass flume is modern and fashionable, reminiscent of seawater glass. Perfect supplement to the coastal bathroom budget.

In addition to glass flumes, there are other types of flumes, such as:

Bronze sink: Use this cast bronze sink to inject a little old charm into your bathroom. This flume is equipped with relief plant patterns, which over time will create a luxurious and unique focus for your vanity.

Ceramic sink: Art is more than walls! This flume uses the traditional cobalt blue design, with dragon pattern.

Metal Circular Flume: This metal circular flume uses fashionable stainless steel structure and attractive design to mix it together. Provide wire drawing stainless steel or polished stainless steel.

Round bamboo sink: If you are looking for a natural and durable surface sink, you must consider this kind of bamboo sink. Bamboo is not only more resilient than most hardwood trees, but also highly moisture resistant.