Manufacturing technology of solid fused glass made of quartz sand


  • Sep 3, 2018


The thickness of sand and the number of sand are determined according to the design effect. The thickness of sand is generally 1.5 cm thick. As long as the sand is smooth, all kinds of graphics can be painted on it. After the pattern is painted, the fused glass demoulding powder can be put into the furnace and fired. The time and temperature of firing depend on the furnace of each manufacturer. Generally, the furnace takes about 2.5 hours. The temperature is controlled at about 785 degrees Celsius. At high temperature, the edge of the glass can be seen to be rounded, and the glass pattern can be formed by concave. If the glass requires flat edges, the flat side should be kept well. The glass must be cleaned and the tin surface must be lowered.

Take the water ripple pattern for example, the water ripple pattern of the sand mold with about 60 meshes of pure quartz sand in the furnace, thickness of 1.5 cm, and then according to the texture of the picture to start painting. Pay attention to starting and closing the pen should be light, not too sudden, line pen should be uniform, water waves should be natural smooth, do not appear like a triangle sharp angle shape. Then you can draw with pencil. Sunflowers, curls and waves are similar to water ripples, but attention should be paid to the size of the pen, curls should also have a small change in the light on the wave can be a few fingers gently pressed out of the sand on a small nest.