Production process of sound insulation Laminated Glass


  • Aug 31, 2018


It is a safe glass production process, also known as laminated glass abroad, can be two layers pressed together, can also be multi-layer pressed together. Some laminated glass will foam after a long time in the sun, this is because of the use of wet clamp method, so the laminated glass used in building glass generally adopts dry clamp method, so as to avoid laminated foam.

Although laminated glass has a good sound insulation effect, but there is still a lack of, but in the middle of the film composition adjustment and after professional technical treatment can achieve very good sound insulation effect, this is the hollow glass and vacuum glass can not be compared. Of course, the sandwich insulation glass produces different sound insulation effect because of the different technical content of different manufacturers.

The general sandwich glass actually sandwiched between things is polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the PVB intermediate film (such glass is commonly known as "PVB glass"). But the professional insulating glass is sandwiched between the thing is sound insulation membrane (sound insulation damping glue), it can play a key role in the attenuation of sound transmission and filtering, with sound insulation function of glass products is actually a laminated glass. The softer and more flexible the sound insulation film (sound insulation damping glue) in laminated glass, the higher the sound insulation damping coefficient of laminated glass and the sound insulation capacity of laminated glass. The sound insulation of ordinary PVB glass is only 28-34 decibels, and the sound insulation film (sound insulation damping glue) can reach 35-40 decibels or higher.