Sound insulation principle of sound insulation Laminated Glass


  • Aug 30, 2018


Principle of sound-proof glass: Outdoor sound sources produce vibrations and noises that pass through the air

When the noise is transmitted to the sound-proof glass doors and windows, and then attenuated successively by the sound-proof glass, especially when the noise passes through the sound-proof and damping glue, the medium-frequency noise and high-frequency noise are absorbed, distorted, absorbed and attenuated by the sound-proof and damping glue, which can effectively filter out the medium-frequency and high-frequency noise, and only 5% of the noise enters the room at last. About. Usually the most common, most annoying, most annoying, most lethal "hiccup" and "hiccup" of the high and medium frequency noise is basically gone, also can not hear, indoor feeling suddenly softened down, stay indoors will be more comfortable. It is so called: in the busy market, the dream of living in the countryside has been realized.

According to the level of external noise, using our different sound insulation glass combination scheme, generally indoor can reach the highest national quiet standard (level 0 noise standard).

In a large number of actual installation and application process, different levels of outdoor noise by our professional measurement, analysis, judgment, the use of the most appropriate combination of sound insulation solutions, can reach 40 decibels, some areas can even reach 30-33 decibels, the basement of the villa area is generally 28-32 decibels.