Which is more practical than solid wood dining table and Glass Countertop?


  • Aug 29, 2018


There are many kinds of common table materials on the market, such as solid wood, glass, steel wood, marble, jade and other types of table, and there are many sub-categories under each material, so the types of table are really many. But for our ordinary people, the most common is the solid wood table and Glass Countertop, two kinds of table price, and practical and beautiful, many families are more inclined to choose these two. So in the end is a solid wood table or Glass Countertop good, we will look at their advantages and disadvantages, I believe that the future will not buy the wrong.

Solid wood table

1. Advantages

(1) Solid wood furniture than any other kind of material furniture, for consumers, use more assured, especially environmental protection, the safety of solid wood material is higher, so consumers choose more, of which the purchase of solid wood table is the largest, compared with some marble and other special mesa, real Wood furniture is used for a longer period of time, and the color will become more charming with the length of time, especially in the living room area of the larger family, choose solid wood table, look more graded.

(2) The texture of solid wood furniture is softer and more natural. It seems to have a retro fashion sense, and will not be eliminated by modern fashion. The most important thing is to choose this kind of solid wood table. It is very environmentally friendly. It is not only a very practical kind of furniture, but also a very fashionable material, and some other meals. Compared with the table, solid wood table is good or bad is the consumer invasion test, and not easy to be bad, with the increase of time, solid wood table visual effect will be more charming.

Good wood table or Glass Countertop, regret buying wrong.

2. Shortcomings

Whether with modern decoration style, or more traditional decoration style, solid wood table is the best choice. Although solid wood table has these advantages, but its shortcomings also exist, such as solid wood table, although it has a good life, and fashion sense, but because the wooden table, the lack of a certain particularity, so in use, the need for some protection methods, such as daily use, will not appear. Scratches or water stains. All of these will affect the appearance of the solid wood table.

Good wood table or Glass Countertop, regret buying wrong.

Glass Countertop

1. Advantages

(1) tempered Glass Countertop is more daring and more practical than traditional wooden dining table.

(2) Hardened Glass Countertop will not be affected by indoor air, will not be deformed due to inappropriate humidity, occupy a small space, safe and environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation.

(3) Hardened Glass Countertop can better form a good combination with other types of furniture, concise lines and transparent visual effect will not become abrupt.

The toughened Glass Countertop is easy to clean, has various shapes and unique patterns, and can meet the needs of different consumers.

Good wood table or Glass Countertop, regret buying wrong.

2. Shortcomings

Tempered Glass Countertop may be dangerous of spontaneous explosion. Tempered glass tables, though tough and heat-resistant, must be carefully selected for qualified and high-strength reinforced glass countertops, so as not to burst tables caused by heat, especially in families with children.

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