Application scope of glass brick


  • Aug 17, 2018


Glass Brick is used for exterior walls: it has both the entity of the wall and the transparency of the window, and more transparency, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc. It can be said to kill more than one stone. Hollow glass brick can be used in large offices such as high-grade office buildings and hotels.

Glass Brick is used for partition: Decorating partition with glass brick wall can not only partition large space, but also maintain the integrity of large space. This is a clever design that can bring dramatic effect, that is, achieve privacy, but also maintain the sense of indoor permeability. Isn't the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, toilet, office space all ideal for glass bricks?

Glass Brick is used in corridors and corridors: the application of corridors is a good solution to the contradiction between lighting and safety, just need a glass brick wall even the wall is a window, you can achieve the most harmonious unity, in the narrow corridor area using glass brick design to reduce the sense of space depression, glass brick in this area of application Never disgrace your mission.

Glass Brick is applied to mosaic and embellishment: Glass Brick is regularly embellished in the wall, erasing the rigidity of the wall, the sense of thickness, let people feel the whole wall lightened, the whole building is full of vitality. On the other hand, with the application of glass brick wall to take advantage of the light next door, no longer take the ancients "chisel" efforts, make full use of the transparency of glass brick, bring more accidents to your home.

Glass Brick is applied to roof and floor: the use of glass brick to deal with the ground and ceiling, not only for the whole floor to create a sense of crystal clear, but also provides a good light, luxury, rich wind.