How is Fused Glass made?


  • Aug 15, 2018


Fused Glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional glass, Fused Glass originated in Western countries, in recent years into our market. Previously, the domestic market was all foreign products, now domestic glass manufacturers have introduced foreign hot melting furnace products. With its unique decorative effect, the art glass produced by hot melting furnace has become the focus of attention of design units, glass processing industry and decoration industry.

Fused Glass has leaped over the existing glass forms, giving full play to the artistic conception of designers and processors, integrating modern or classical art forms into glass, making flat glass produce various concave and convex, colorful and different artistic effects. There are many kinds of Fused Glass glass, such as Fused Glass brick, Fused Glass art ornaments for doors and windows, large wall embedded glass, partition glass, integral bathroom glass washbasin, finished mirror frame, glass art ornaments and so on. The scope of application is very wide because of its unique glass material and artistic effect.

Fused Glass is a special hot-melting furnace, with flat glass as the base material and inorganic pigment as the main raw material, set a specific heating program and annealing curve, when heated to the glass softening point above, the liquid material through the mold of the special molding molding after annealing, when necessary, it can be engraved, drilled. The finishing processes such as holes, trimming, cutting and so on are processed again.