Introduction to art glass and decorative glass


  • Aug 12, 2018


Art Glass and Decorative Glass have a long history and play an important role in the history of glass development, especially in China. Glass is mainly used for filling jade and imitation jade, making jewelry, decorations, exhibits and Buddha Hall offerings. Before twentieth Century, the history of glass development in China was almost a history of decorative glass development. After the founding of China, especially since the reform and opening up, China has made great progress in building glass, daily glass, optical glass, electronic glass, glass fiber, special glass, art glass and decorative glass, and has become a major glass-making country. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for art glass and decorative glass is also increasing. But art glass and decorative glass enterprises are small in scale, low in artistic level, low in scientific and technological content, and low in added value.

Decorative glass is a comprehensive integration of art and science, glass is not only the carrier, but also the final work. Artists should understand and master the characteristics of glass so as to make full use of glass carriers to create excellent works; and glass scientists and technicians should constantly develop new varieties and new functions of glass carriers to meet the artists'diversified means of expression and provide new creative space. Not only that, because modern art glass and decorative glass have already stepped out of the ivory tower and become popular products, they should have both artistic value and usage function, and can produce products of appreciation and practicality in batches, with good quality and low price. They can not only rely on skills, but also need higher scientific and technological level and innovation. From manufacturing development to creation.