Comparison between laminated glass and tempered glass


  • Aug 11, 2018


General civil toughened glass is ordinary glass through heat treatment process, so that its strength is increased by 3-5 times, can withstand a certain amount of external impact energy or temperature change without breaking, even if broken, is also a piece of glass broken into similar honeycomb-shaped obtuse-horned particles, not easy to hurt people, thus has a certain degree of security. Tempered glass can not be cut. It needs to cut the size before tempering, and has the characteristic of "self explosion". According to different uses, tempered glass can be divided into all-tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, regional tempered glass, flat tempered glass, bending tempered glass and other types.

Laminated Glass, as a kind of safety glass, will not produce sharp debris to hurt people when it is broken by impact because of the adhesion of PVB film between two ordinary glass pieces. At the same time, its PVB intermediate film has the properties of sound insulation and sunlight control, which makes it a new building material with energy-saving and environmental protection functions: the use of laminated glass can not only isolate the 1000-2000 Hz anastomotic noise that can penetrate ordinary glass, but also block more than 99% of the ultraviolet light and absorb infrared spectrum. Quantity of heat. As a new type of building materials, laminated glass is bound to play an important role in the use of safety glass.