Crystal glass contertop shopping guide


  • Aug 9, 2018


1. The high temperature resistance of crystal glass contertop is beyond the reach of other similar products on the market. The maximum safe working temperature is 288 degrees, and it can withstand the temperature difference of 204 degrees Celsius. Artificial stone countertops often burst because of local heating, and even the more expensive quartz and acrylic artificial stones currently on the market can burst or discolor at high temperatures. High breakage rate is often the most annoying thing for people and dealers in the industry. And stainless steel cabinet countertop is under normal temperature with glue to stainless steel bonded to the wood below, a long time of glue aging will emit toxic gases when high temperature, harmful to the invisible, stainless steel will also fall off the board, when used there will be harsh noise.

2, crystal glass contertop, its intensity is 3 times more than other common cabinet tables. Artificial stones (including expensive acrylic, quartz, and granite) spontaneously crack when exposed to uneven forces on the cabinet, or when the kitchen chopping ribs are struck by gravity, crystal glass contertop, apart from its very high strength, suffers when the cabinet is struck by a two-millimeter thick colloid layer beneath the table. When gravity strikes, it can also play a good protective role.

3. Crystal glass contertop belongs to the industrial process of production and installation. The standardized installation of product accessories is simple and fast. Only 1/4 of the average table time. The installation of other mesa surfaces requires long hole grinding time and poor site installation.

4. Crystal glass contertop is rich in color, breaking through the traditional platform and monotonous stereotypes, to meet a variety of aesthetic standards higher consumers. Artificial stone technology and material reasons can only produce a single color of black, white and grey three monotonous colors, and stainless steel color is more single, cold feeling too heavy, not suitable for family use.

5, crystal glass contertop oil seepage, color penetration, oil resistance. For a long time, it can be polished and polished. The artificial stone table has a long time to turn yellow, and it is not easy to clean oil when it meets oil. Stainless steel countertops have serious scratches, rust stains and extremely hard oil scrubbing.

6. Crystal glass contertop is clean and environmentally friendly without radiation and formaldehyde. The ingredients on the artificial stone table are made of the binder mixed with calcium powder, and the toxic gases will be released for life. Stainless steel countertops are made by gluing the layers to the boards. Toxic gases can be released for life.

7. The service life of crystal glass contertop is tens of times that of ordinary mesa, and the stability of glass can last for hundreds of years. The stainless steel and artificial stone countertops make Sichuan's glue and adhesive only a few years old and lose strength.