How to maintain the glass countertop?


  • Aug 8, 2018


Glass Countertop, since its appearance, it has conquered many consumers with its beauty and practicality. With the wide application of glass, people pay more attention to the material of glass countertop.

1. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time, so as not to cause fading or yellowing of the product bureau, and maintain a clean, dry and ventilated environment to avoid dampness.

2. Wash furniture as little water as possible in peacetime, but also avoid using alkaline water, only suitable to use the wet cloth to screw up the moisture, and then wipe it with dry cloth.

3, usually do not put too cold or overheated articles directly on the furniture surface, will destroy the surface of the protective paint and wax. Also do not place sharp or rough bottom objects directly on the surface of furniture, not to mention organic solvents directly on the desktop.