Standard for hollow glass brick industry


  • Aug 7, 2018


The standard of the hollow glass brick industry is drafted by the Dezhou Jinghua group Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., the national building glass Standardization Technical Committee, the Chinese architecture and Industrial Glass Association, the China Building Materials Industry Association standard quality department and the China Building Materials Industry Association Science and education committee review.

The new standard modification adopts standards such as the EU standard DIN.EN101-1:2003 《glass brick and glass floor》 and China entry and exit inspection and quarantine standard SN/T1024-2001 《inspection regulations for hollow glass bricks for export》. The inspection items on the inspection items such as the appearance quality and the color uniformity are strict with the EU standards, and the test items such as the impact resistance and thermal shock resistance are added. From the technical requirements, the standard has reached the advanced international standard level.

The formulation and implementation of the standard will provide important evaluation basis for the quality of hollow glass brick, and have far-reaching significance for standardizing the market of hollow glass brick and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the glass brick industry in China. The implementation of the standard will also effectively guide the consumption and demand of hollow glass bricks, which will help Chinese enterprises to participate in the bidding work of major international projects, and greatly improve the international competitiveness of the hollow glass brick products of our country.