The development history of glass bricks


  • Aug 6, 2018


The glass brick was invented in 1929 with high temperature resistant glass, with 2.5 billets combined with Corning-Stenben glass bricks and Owens-Illinois glass tiles as a precursor to a patent for St. Helens Brunton brothers Ltd., UK.

China tried to produce it in 1959. Due to historical reasons, this kind of building material has not been formally produced and popularized in China until 1990. Since October 1993, Anshan glass factory has introduced the first hollow glass brick production line from the original West de Po Ding company. Seven production lines were built in a few years, and the annual output exceeded 20 million. Later, with the increasingly fierce market competition, coupled with the lack of promotion and survival of the fittest in the industry, the normal operation of the factory can be talked about, the annual output is less than 10 million, and the quality is different, the construction technology of various construction units also has great problems, the image of hollow glass brick is discounted.

To break this impasse is Dezhou Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd., with many years of exploration and actual combat, the company has participated in the formulation of the glass brick industry standards, participating in the compilation of glass brick construction atlas, from the perspective of the hollow glass brick industry, actively engaged in the push of glass brick.

In recent years, because of the rapid development of China's economy and the vigorous development of the national economy and tourism industry, especially after the success of the Olympic bid and the entry of WTO, the high grade public and civil buildings have become more and more, and the excellent characteristics of the glass brick are becoming more and more obvious. It has gradually become a fashion decoration material and became a designer, builder and residence. The new favorite of the family, especially the Jinghua brand glass brick produced by Dezhou Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., has attracted much attention.

Nowadays, the application of glass brick is becoming more and more widely from public construction to civil construction and home clothing. Such as Water Cube National Natatorium, World Expo United Nations Pavilion and Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, hollow glass bricks are used. At the same time, some new designers have begun to try western style and adopt hollow glass bricks to make hollow hollow glass bricks. The glass brick really went into the house.