Decorative glass is also increasingly favored by designers and owners.


  • Aug 1, 2018


Decorative glass is undoubtedly an important part of the design materials and elements in household space. Despite the practicality of glass, there are numerous successful cases of decorative and functional molding, which are increasingly favored by designers and consumers. With the flourishing development of residential decoration, glass as a common interior design decoration material is also constantly updated and developed, in addition to the common transparent flat glass, all kinds of decorative glass are constantly emerging. At the same time decorative glass is also increasingly favored by designers and owners. There are many kinds of decorative glass, which are often used in home design, including glass bricks, glazed glass, embossed glass, ice flower glass, grind glass, painted glass and mirror glass. Glass brick is a kind of structural glass, with the characteristics of light transmission but not perspective, can be used for indoor space light transmission partition wall, placement table, etc. Breaking the rigid and cold walls of ordinary partitions and visually achieving effective communication in different spaces.

Glass melting glass, adding a variety of colors, in the mold cooling and molding, colorful, decorative effect is strong, full use of glass natural concave and convex and the most texture of the color, create a pleasing and pleasant atmosphere. Glaze glass for modern home inject new vitality into the embossing glass has the characteristics of light translucent, the pattern of various patterns on the surface has a certain artistic effect; the surface of the uneven surface can produce diffuse reflection, often used for certain private space doors and windows and partition and other places. Ice glass is an ornamental glass with unnatural ice flower texture. Its decorative effect is better than that of embossed glass. It gives people a sense of freshness and can be used in many family decorations such as doors, windows, partitions and screens. Coloured glass can reproduce the original painting vividly. It is a widely used high-grade glass variety. According to the needs of indoor chromaticity, coloured glass can be used to blend painting, color and lighting. Mirror glass, or mirror, is characterized by pure imaging, high reflectivity, and is more prominent in functional and decorative aspects than other decorative glass. The design is often used to enhance the sense of vision in the expanded space.