How is the sound insulation effect of laminated glass


  • Jul 31, 2018


Laminated glass, also called sandwich glass, is sandwiched between two pieces of glass with a layer of PVB intermediate film with polyvinyl butyral as the main component. Even when glass breaks, the fragments will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass remains neat and smooth. This prevents the broken and penetrating events of the fragments and ensures the human body. It's safe.

In Europe and America, most building glass uses laminated glass, which is not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because of the excellent anti-seismic intrusion ability of laminated glass. The middle film can resist the continuous attack of hammer, chopper and other weapons, and can resist the penetration of bullets for a long time, and its safety precautions are very high.

Modern living room, sound insulation effect is good, it has become one of the important factors to measure the quality of housing. The sandwich glass using Saflex? PVB middle film can block sound wave, maintain quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique filter ultraviolet function not only protects the health of people's skin, but also makes the valuable furniture and display products in the house. To get rid of the doom of fading, it can also reduce the transmission of sunlight and reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration.

There are many advantages of laminated glass, which can not be expected in the home decoration. Many family doors, including the kitchen door, are made of sanding glass. The cooking fumes in the kitchen are easy to be deposited on it. If they are replaced with laminated glass, there will be no trouble. It is a hidden danger for children who are naturally active. If you use laminated glass, parents will be relieved greatly.

The laminated glass breaks down safely and can be broken under the impact of the heavy ball, but the whole glass remains intact. The pieces and the sharp small pieces still stick together with the middle film. The glass needs a large impact force to break. Once broken, the whole glass is broken into innumerable fine particles, only a few pieces of broken glass are stored in the frame. The broken state of the type produces a lot of elongate shaped sharp pieces. When the interlayer glass is broken, the mirror tooth fragments encircled the hole, and there were more glass fragments around the penetrating point.