Advantages and disadvantages of crystal glass countertop and precautions


  • Jul 30, 2018


The style of the modern table is varied, and the color is different, but in general, the table is still not much, for example, there are only two common types: the wooden table and the crystal glass countertop, and the crystal glass countertop is becoming more and more popular with the young. Introduce the knowledge about the crystal glass countertop.

Crystal Glass Countertop - how about the crystal glass countertop

1. The table made of glass is crystal clear, and the living glass countertop is more compact and lovely, which is the first choice of the modern young generation.

2. Glass tables are fragile and easy to cause harm to people, but now many manufacturers use toughened glass for making, you can rest assured to buy;

3, the crystal glass countertop is afraid of high temperature and is easy to burst. In order to avoid hurting people, it is recommended to use thermal insulation pad when eating.

4, the glass dining countertop is more flat and smooth than other materials. Therefore, it is more convenient and quicker to clean.

Crystal Glass Countertop - how to clean the crystal glass countertop

Usually cleaning furniture as little as water, more need to avoid alkali water, only use the wet cloth to wipe the clean, and then wipe clean with dry cloth; do not put too cold or overheated items on the surface of the furniture directly, will destroy the surface of the protective paint and wax. Also do not place sharp or rough bottom objects directly on the surface of furniture, not to mention organic solvents directly on the desktop. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time to avoid product fading or yellowing, and maintain a clean, dry, ventilated environment to avoid dampness.