How to clean the crystal glass countertop


  • Jul 29, 2018


Our material life is getting better and better, at the same time, we continue to pursue fashion, for the standard of fashion, we can not say, but the young people say that the crystal glass countertop is the most popular furniture, that crystal glass countertop is the best sales of furniture at present.

1. glass made of the countertop is usually crystal clear, the home type crystal glass countertop is small and cute, more popular with young people, any woman can not ignore its material.

2. crystal glass countertop, although fragile, cause harm to the body, but the use of toughened glass materials, will reduce the damage to the user, can be assured to buy, with quality assurance.

3. Glass countertop because of material problems, fear of high temperature, easy to burst, eat, you can use heat-insulated mat, so that people and the countertop will not be harmed.

4. the glass dining countertop and its material countertop are even and smooth. If there is dirt, it is easy to see and clean.

How to clean the crystal glass countertop

1. glass countertop cleaning strength

(1) usually use time, do not impact the crystal glass surface, it is easy to smash it, when placing things, it should be light, do not leave scratch on it, more difficult to maintain.

(2) if you are afraid of hurting the crystal glass countertop, you can put a countertopcloth on it, so that it can avoid damage.

2. glass countertop cleaning - clean

(1) when the glass countertop is used for a period of time, there will be dirt or dust on it. It can be wiped with wet towels or newspapers. If cleaning is not clean enough, it can be cleaned a few times.

(2) if it is difficult to clean up the stains, use a towel dipped in a proper amount of beer or warm vinegar, then clean it with clean water, and then wipe the surface water with a dry towel.

(3) If it is still unclean, you can use the glass cleaner sold on the market; you can also use cloth dipped in concentrated brine or liquor to wipe, the effect is very good.

3. glass countertop cleaning - toothpaste

(1) if there is a pattern of glass dirty, use any method, the effect is not very good, can directly use the toothbrush, along with the pattern of wiping, more patient, usually clean, but later, the surface water needs to dry.

(2) if you drop some kerosene on the glass or use chalk ash and plaster powder, add water to the glass, apply it on the surface of glass, wait for half an hour, wait for it to dry naturally, use clean cloth or cotton wiping, not only can clean the glass, but also restore its gloss.