How much is the size of a glass brick


  • Jul 28, 2018


Glass is an ancient building material that had already appeared in ancient Egypt. With the common development of human society, the glass industry has created all kinds of unique glass, so that the glass family continues to thrive. In the decorative glass, there is a kind of glass brick, which can not only enhance the brightness of the interior, but also can play the effect of the normal wall. In the special glass, the glass fire prevention technology is also progressing, and it can play a very good fire protection function. We will introduce the general size of glass tiles, and explain the price of fireproof glass per square meter.

The size and characteristics of common household glass bricks are:

1. 190*190*80

Characteristics: it is suitable and wide in the middle. It is a common brick for all kinds of household wall, partition and other buildings. It is a conventional glass brick with full color and color. It is widely used at home and abroad.

2. 240*240*80

Characteristics: simple and simple, generous, far sighting feeling especially clear, suitable for large area wall and block masonry, especially with other specifications of the brick combination. The unit area is relatively large, it is easy to maintain the overall effect of the wall;

3. 240*115*80

Characteristics: long strip, tall and straight. Used for arc type and cylindrical wall masonry, it is a special brick used for household common facilities arc wall.

4. 190*190*95

Characteristics: heavy and stable, strong and durable, moderate size, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of exterior wall, building supporting exterior wall, and other isolated wall, Les Loges Du Park Hotel, residential area, public building exterior walls mostly like to use it;

Glass tiles vary according to their specifications, specifications and prices.

The area of glass brick in family decoration is generally not large, but considering the stability and anti cracking, it is generally suggested that the reinforcing bar of 6MM is put into the wall when the brick is bricklaying, and 1 bricks per 3 layers of 3 layers are used to ensure the life and safety factor.