Glass bricks all over the world


  • Jul 27, 2018


Look at the buildings that are used to white walls and black tiles. Today, look at the glass bricks which are very popular in recent years.

Glass block is made of transparent or colored glass, which is made of block or hollow glass products or glazed products on the block surface. At present, the popular glass bricks on the market are mainly glass facade tiles, glass mosaic tiles and hollow glass tiles.

In most cases, glass tiles are used as walls, screens and partitions.

Reconstruction of Shanghai Hongqiao aircraft Library

From the studio of the house. This house is a small hangar that has been abandoned for many years. China Eastern Airlines hopes to transform it into a tendering hall for material purchase.

The designer chose glass tiles as the main material for the external wall of the hall. During daylight, light was put into the room through glass bricks, making full use of natural light. At night, light from glass brick, and become a part of the building image, and maintain a harmonious relationship with the surrounding old house.

Hiroshima Optical Glass House

Works from Hiroshi aNakamura, a Japanese architect, has a beautiful glass house with light and shade. Architects use a glass wall to create a privacy and tranquility for the owners.

Square box

The works from CLOU, the design company, will be built in 1982 for the two time in the boiler room, which is the Sales Office of Vanke Real estate. This glass building has a different color in the daytime and in the evening. It is very beautiful.

"Domain" - Ideal Space Restaurant

The works of design company Robot 3, the glass wall is the main element of the interior space, and adds a bright light to the dark environment.

Cafe life Museum

The works from Zhangjia he Vanished Hospital design company are located in Baoding, Hebei. A layer of space uses such materials as ultra white glass, slide glass, grind glass, mirror glass, U glass and glass brick, which are different in transparency and texture as abstract four dimensional material slices to redefine the relationship between people in space.