More water and even life? The first liquid lake was found on Mars

More water and even life? The first liquid lake was found on Mars


  • Jul 27, 2018


Now,Mars is a cold and dry planet, but scientists estimate that 3 billion 600 million years ago, the Mars Climate was warm and humid, and there was a lot of liquid water and lakes, so it had been trying to find evidence of still liquid water on Mars. If there is liquid water on Mars, there will be an opportunity for the future development of Mars to provide stable water resources for mankind.

The researchers say that the liquid groundwater lake, located about 1.5 kilometers below an ice layer in the south pole of Mars, is triangle, and the salinity and mineral content of the lake is very high, not suitable for drinking.

However, experts disagree about the existence of organisms in the lake. Watson, an expert at the Australian Observatory, said the lake's water temperature should be far below the freezing point of pure water, maintaining a large amount of magnesium, calcium and nano minerals in the whole liquid, which would kill all life similar to the microorganism of the earth.

But in any case, we should protect the environment and love every land.

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