How about the glass countertop cupboard


  • Jul 23, 2018


Kitchen decoration, table countertop selection is very important, glass countertop table surface is one of the modern cabinet table countertop one of the new materials, glass countertop table more meet the requirements of the fashion kitchen, new materials, beautiful shape, crystal clear, and easy to clean, so that the kitchen is more integrated and fresh.

Scope of application: it is suitable for use on the side of the sink or at the breakfast table. The reflectivity of the glass countertop is good and can be used in the small kitchen to achieve the visual effect of expanding the space.

Style: in modern kitchens, lighting equipment can be installed under the glass table to create a distinctive atmosphere.

Maintenance: the glass countertop can enlarge the water stains and stains left in the daily operation, so it is necessary to wipe them regularly to avoid unsightly water stains. The glass is very sanitary. Cleaning with glass cleaner can achieve twice the result with half the effort and keep the light bright.

Durability: it is necessary to use tempered glass to increase strength near the hearth.

Flexibility: glass can be cut at any time, suitable for use in flume or hearth.

Special hint: it is not recommended that all mesa use glass countertop, small area use can create the finishing effect, glass thickness at least 15 millimeter.