What is the difference between PVB laminated glass and SGP laminated glass?


  • Jul 22, 2018


The early laminated glass is usually made of PVB laminated glass. Since PVB film is developed for automobile glass instead of building curtain wall industry, although it has been used for many years in the construction industry, it has been widely used and has achieved good safety effects, but it is flexible and soft on PVB film. The shear modulus of the two pieces of glass will be relatively slippage, the bearing capacity is reduced, and the bending deformation is large. At the same time, the PVB laminated glass is easy to be exposed to wet opening and easy to yellowing for a long time. Therefore, the PVB laminated glass can be used in the general glass curtain wall and is not suitable for the high performance glass curtain wall.

The shear modulus of the ionic film SGP is more than 50 times that of PVB, and the tear strength is 5 times of PVB. When the laminated glass produced by the ionic film is subjected to the force of the glass, the two pieces of glass will not slide, and the two glass is like a glass, the bearing capacity is 2 times of the PVB laminated glass, and in the case of the same load and the same thickness, S The bending of GP laminated glass is only 1/4 of PVB laminated glass.

Compared with laminated glass produced by PVB, laminated glass produced by SGP film has superior performance because of its following properties:

1, the glass has a high bonding ability, strong tear strength, can prevent the broken glass.

2, there is a strong protective ability, can prevent natural disasters and human destruction, strong winds, earthquakes, violence, theft and so on have enough resistance.

3, can withstand the sudden impact of indoor personnel, to prevent the glass dispersal or the overall prolapse, to avoid indoor personnel and articles flying off.

4, there is enough residual bearing capacity. When the glass is broken, it will not fall off after bending.

5, SGP film has enough shear modulus to make the whole cross section of laminated glass bend, improve the bearing capacity and bending steel degree of glass, reduce the thickness of glass and the weight of glass.

6, it can withstand UV, water vapor and external climate changes, long-term use will not appear yellowing color phenomenon.