What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass bricks


  • Jul 19, 2018


Glass brick is one of the home decoration materials, not only for household partition treatment, but also for the overall decoration looks good and grade, so everyone's favor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass bricks - Advantages

1, sound insulation

The glass brick is made of special material. It has the function of automatically adjusting the high and low audio frequency. It can adjust the quiet atmosphere at the bass frequency. At the high audio, the night standard can be adjusted. Especially suitable for noisy roadside and factory periphery.

2. High transmittance and selective fluoroscopy

Glass brick has high quality of light penetration, and can diffuse the light to make the overall home space more soft. At the same time for the poor lighting room, glass brick can also carry out two or three translucent light through the sunlight, so that the indoor light is more transparent and stable.

3. Use flexibly

Glass brick construction is convenient, and different specifications of the brick combination can also show different aesthetic feeling, suitable for different functional areas of home, such as toilet use glass bricks, not only moisture-proof, but also let the toilet presents a kind of hazy beauty. The partition of the living room uses glass brick, allowing space to give people a constant feeling, often beautiful, and the balcony uses glass bricks, not only beautiful and generous, but also don't worry about rust and corrosion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass bricks - shortcomings

1. Poor fireproof ability

Although the material of glass brick is not combustible, there will be melting or softening in front of the fire, even the phenomenon of glass breaking. Therefore, the fire prevention factors should be considered in the use of the building.

2. Glass self explosion

Because of its own reasons, there will be self explosion after the use of its own reasons, especially for some construction sites, the scaffolding has not begun to demolish, glass bricks began to start self explosion. So it will bring some harm.

3, structural adhesive is easy to fail

Glass brick will be affected by natural environment, such as structural adhesive aging, failure and other phenomena, serious people will also cause the falling of glass bricks. Therefore, there is a great safety hazard. In the construction application, we choose the bright frame or the glass brick with semi hidden frame. Because of the frame support, even if the structural adhesive fails, the chance of falling will be reduced.

4, light pollution

Glass brick has entered a very long history in China, so it can be seen in many large and medium-sized cities in China. Large area of glass brick buildings are more and more, forming a typical white pollution.

The above is to introduce the glass brick related content, hoping to help friends in need.