Crystal Glass Countertop Knowledge


  • Jul 18, 2018


Crystal glass countertop, as the name suggests, is a countertop made of tempered glass. Relatively speaking, crystal glass countertop is not as well known as other countertop materials, so today we will introduce the relevant content of crystal glass countertop for you to make a reference in the process of choosing.

In order to improve the strength of glass, we usually use chemical or physical methods to form pressure stress on the surface of glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, it first counteracts the stress of the surface, thus improving the bearing capacity and enhancing its anti wind pressure, heat resistance and impact.

First, the advantages of crystal glass countertop

1, full waterproof function, water can not penetrate, can be directly washed with water.

2, high temperature resistant, crystal steel door plate 200 degree high temperature cloth deformation.

3, high strength, can withstand strong gravity impact.

4. Wear resistance. There is no scar on the knife, and it can be kept as beautiful as new for decades.

5, anti - moth, not afraid of the invasion of cockroach termites.

6, it can be made into different colors by backing paint or baking varnish, which can meet the needs of the vast number of consumers.

7, durable and durable, the quality is constant.

8, clean and environmental protection, without radiation, formaldehyde, completely environmentally friendly.

9, the effect is good, crystal and beautiful, warm and jade like, unique personality.

Two. Shortcomings of crystal glass countertop

The material itself is crisp, not resistant to impact, and local high temperature is also dangerous. Processing and manufacturing technology is complex, the cost of production is high, maintenance is troublesome, once bumping and scratching, it is difficult to repair.

Three. The maintenance of the countertop

1.. Avoid overheating the countertop surface. Do not place hot containers directly on the countertop.

2. Prevent the contact of the strong chemicals from the countertop. If contact with the above items is not careful, rinse the surface with plenty of soap.

3., avoid using sharp objects to touch the countertop to avoid scratches.

4., the countertop as far as possible to keep dry. The surface of the fireproof board avoids long term immersion and prevents the deformation of the surface. Artificial stone countertop should prevent water bleach and scale to make the color of the countertop shallower and affect the appearance.

The above is the whole content of the crystal glass countertop. You can decide whether to choose the crystal glass countertop as the countertop material according to the actual needs.