What and how to choose the decorative glass


  • Jul 2, 2018


Decorating materials are becoming more and more diverse and decorative glass is becoming more and more common. It can not only play a beautiful effect, but also meet some special environmental requirements and privacy needs. Then, how to choose decorative glass.

Color plate glass

Colored glass is easy to clean because of its anti erosion characteristics, and also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. It is suitable for doors, windows, walls and other parts.

Glazed glass

Glazed glass can be conveniently cleaned without affecting color and at the same time, it also has exquisite patterns. It is suitable for indoor doors, staircase sheltering and other parts.

Patterned glass

There are many kinds of embossed glass patterns, and they are translucent and have a sense of appreciation. It is suitable for sliding doors, sliding doors, indoor partition and so on.

Spray glass

Through the sandblasting, the spray glass can form two transparent and opaque effects. It is suitable for indoor, window, partition and other parts.

Lactobacillus glass

Lacto glass has many patterns, giving people a delicate and soft feeling. It is suitable for sliding doors, partition and other parts.

Engraving glass

The design of cut glass has strong sense of three-dimensional structure and bright effect under the illumination of light source. It is suitable for partition, screen and other parts.

Ice glass

Ice glass can achieve light transmission and protect privacy. The design is natural and bright, and it can be beautiful and delicate. It is suitable for doors, windows, partitions and other parts in hotels, hotels and other places.